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Luxury Fruits

Luxury Fruits

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All the fruits offered in our Essential Add-On range, plus a selection of premium exotic fruits, perfect for snacking or adding to salads.


4 Apples Red

2 Avocado 

5 Bananas

1 punnet Blueberries

6 Citrus (Easy peelers, e.g. Clementines)

500g Grapes Mix (White or Red)

2 Kiwi Fruit

2 Limes

2 Mango (variety Kent/Keitt/Tommy Atkins)

1 Melon (Galia or Honeydew)

6 Oranges

4 Pears

2 Pomegranates

1 Pineapple

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**Orders placed on Friday and over the Weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, but we will do our best to ship out earlier if possible**