Premium Exotic Fruits

Premium Exotic Fruits

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Craving something more unique and exotic? Please e-mail us on

Looking for that particular fruit you enjoyed on your last holiday to South America or Asia?

We are pleased to offer our range of Premium Exotic Fruits covering fruits from around the world. These include:

Dragon Fruit (all colours) - £42 per box 10pcs

Granadilla - £37.50 per box 2kg

Guava - £22 per box 3kg - 24pcs approx

Pink Guava - £24 per 2kg - 9pcs approx

Kiwano - £25 per box 10pcs

Mangosteen - £35 per box 24pcs

Papaya - £8.50 per fruit / £49 per box 6pcs

Sharon Fruit - £15 per box 16pcs

Star Fruit - £29 per box 10pcs


**Delivery charge of £7.50 applies unless order value for the Premium Exotic Fruits is above £75**